What current HotFixes are available for Silk Central Test Manager 12.1?


Hotfix 17:

  • Fixed NullPointerException for issues with no inbox assigned (they are now treated as they were assigned to another user inbox)
  • Performance improvement - Don't load workgroup name when loading inbox entity (this can save a big amount of roundtrips to the database)
  • Allow specification of additional (url) protocols in a frontend-server configuration file

Hotfix 16:

  • IssueStatusUpdater: restrict project list to client
  • Fixed unhandled exception when you want to copy a testcase
  • Fixed "Tester" caption for chinese version
  • Fixed handling of execution servers during application server startup if specified location does not exist anymore
  • Fixed Oracle error on the sorting of the column custom "Version Cible"
  • Added debug info on slow Issue Manager issues details

Hotfix 15:

  • Slow performance when navigating within Shared Step Library tree
  • Cannot update LQM_Tests table
  • Oracle: Error on sorting in data tab
  • Allow to disable user change notification emails to superusers
  • Updated Java Code Analysis agent to allow .ear & .war archives on coveragepath
  • License count display issues in Help/About

Hotfix 14:

  • Chrome 27 doesn't show context menus
  • Missing attributes in LQM_TestUDAs

Hotfix 13:

  • Oracle: Dates are not displayed in Excel report
  • Oracle: Print Issues report template shows error

Hotfix 12:

  • IE only saves first line after copy & paste from Office
  • Web Services - unable to update test plan with date attributes
  • Several front-end server memory optimizations

Hotfix 11:

  • Translation error on permission to edit Custom Information panel
  • Rich text editor content is not saved after copy & paste 
  • Current Activities: Already executed tests list doesn't scroll

Hotfix 10:

  • SCTM-SilkPerformer-Users Status displays as N/A during Test Run

Hotfix 9:

  • Import requirements from docx files: handle paragraphs within tables
  • Import requirements from docx files: handle content of tables as description if first paragraph in first cell is a description
  • Import requirements from docx files: treat all styles as description if no description-style is configured
  • Fixed search functionality (did not find '=' character)
  • Tabs not visible in Execution Plans area
  • Fixed upload shared steps attachment (planning permission check)
  • Cannot create junit, nunit, wsh and mstest tests via webservice - validation error would occur with correct test type string
  • ('_JUnitTestType_' for junit), or corrupted test is created when using property prefix string as type ('_junit_' for junit)
  • Find/Replace doesn't work for Silk Performer and Silk Test Classic properties

Hotfix 8:

  • Web service call fails with Access Denied error message when retrieving library node (PlanningService.getNode(sId, nodeId))
  • Delete/inherit third-party test type property values from parent-testplannodes via web-services (PlanningService.deleteProperty(sId, property))

Hotfix 7:

  • Fixed LQM reporting updater: limit string lengths according to database schema
  • Support Browse Folder Issue Tracking Type in New Manual Testing

Hotfix 6:

  • Issue links and BIRT reports do not work with a proxy server between Front-end server and browsers
  • Fixed online synchronization with CaliberRM if more than one project is configured for external synchronization
  • Invalid default execution server in demo data
  • Restored previous behaviour of Requirement Web service call "setRequirementFlagStatus"

Hotfix 5:

  • Improve performance of "Create or Assign Issue" in the manual testing window.
  • Error on clicking Actions column

Hotfix 4:

  • Links containing curly brackets do not work in description fields
  • Optimize "Child Tests (recursive)" criteria
  • Commit each execution plan run separately when starting folder
  • Commit immediately when new build is added from build info file before starting the runExecutionDefinition
  • Commit update of build in execution plan immediately before starting runExecutionDefinition
  • Commit changes in test assignment after evaluating the filter
  • Enhanced SilkMeter UAC compliancy utility by adding an option for  updating the permissions on license folder

Hotfix 3:

  • Name of manual test cycle is limited to 60 characters
  • Manual Testing: Chrome 24 endlessly loops animations

Hotfix 2:

  • Issue Manager: Allow limiting edit permissions to owner or special user roles
  • Excel report fails with more than 32767 characters in one cell

Hotfix 1:

  • Contains localized documentations for following languages: Chinese (Simplified), French, German, and Japanese.
  • Fixed conflict with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_TestRuns_Attach_TestRun" when upgrading database to 12.1.
  • In tmplanning webservice: fixed addManualTest call to allow adding tests to folders instead of test containers only.
  • In tmplanning webservice: keep insertion order of nodes when using the addNode call.
  • In tmplanning webservice: changed queueExecution and startExecution calls to consider version parameter.
  • For automated setup/cleanup runs use same build as for normal tests, if product is the same, otherwise use latest build.
  • Fixed problem when starting execution plan in configuration suite: Build is only set for started execution plan and configuration suite, but not other execution plans in configuration suite -> Inconsistency that execution plans does not inherit build correctly.






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