Silk Central Report Templates - BIRT v4.4


Silk Central 16.0 introduced a new version of BIRT v4.4, and what this means is that some of the previous templates developed on older versions of Silk Central will need to be upgraded.

Below you will find the instructions in making sure that you can successfully upgrade your BIRT v2.5.

1. Some of the shipped templates used an if clause in chart series data to hide series with 0-values in (stacked) bar charts:

if (row["passed"] > 0) {
} else {

This doesn't work any longer, an error that NaN can't be used as chart data is displayed. Just use e.g. row["passed"] as the series data, and paste the following into the "onRender" script on the Script tab of the chart:

function beforeDrawDataPointLabel(dph, label, icsc) {
  if (label.getCaption().getValue() == "0") {

2.  BIRT 4.4 is more critical on invalid data bindings on tables/grids. It seems that all the bindings are evaluated although they might be unused.

3.  When creating custom reports, please use the BIRT RCP Designer package that can be downloaded on the Help/Tools page in Silk Central. This BIRT designer package includes Silk Central .jar files that are necessary to connect to Silk Central web services.

4. The BIRT 4.4 Report designer no longer has a "Preview" tab using a built-in browser control. 
To preview reports, choose "Run/View Report/As HTML" from the menu.

The browser to be used can be specified as follows:

- In "Window/Preferences/Web Browser" select "Use external web browser" and choose a browser.
- In "Window/Preferences/Report Design/Preview" you can check "Always use external browsers"

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