SilkCentral - HTTP Status 500 - Java.Lang.NullPointer.Exception


Issue Description: After applying the HF1 on SilkCentral V 16.0 following exception has been encountered:

This issue happens due to requirements synchronization log folder is full.  To get past this problem clean up the synchronization logs with the following workaround:
• Stop AppServer and FrontendServer
• Go to your Silk Central log directory, e.g. C:\ProgramData\SilkCentral\log
• Move all files starting with "SynchLog" to another directory (e.g. c:\save)
• Start AppServer and FrontendServers again
• Try to reproduce by selecting root and starting synchronization

This issue will be taken care of in SilkCentral V 16.0 Hotfix 2.

Support Incident #2827301.

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