Silk Central Manual Test Execution throwing Java Pop-up and Locking LDAP Account


Environment Detail:

Silk Central Version in Use - 12.1 HF20, 13.0 and 15.0

Client PC's have - Java 7u51

Server has - Java 7u7

Issue Description:

In Silk Central, go to Execution Planning >> Details View >> Try to Execute Test Case >> In Manual Execution Window >> Navigate through continuous steps >> Java Pop-Up appears asking for Network Credentials. Pop-up appears many times. Irrespective of entering or not entering the Network Credentials it locks the user account.

Screenshot of the error:


Java SE Version 7 all updates are failing Kerberos Pre_Auth and locking domain user accounts because of truncated UDP packets. To get past this error user will need to apply a fix on the registry in their client PC’s as per following Oracle KB article.

Support Incident #2693225

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