How do I determine which Test Container(s) is linked to a Source Control Profile?



How do I determine which Test Container(s) is linked to a Source Control Profile?


In a large SilkCentral Test Manager project, there may be multiple Test Containers that are linked to a particular Source Control Profile that is no longer used. There may come a time when the Source Control Profile becomes marked for deletion. When performing the delete process, you may receive the following error message:

To determine which Test Containers are still linked to the Source Control Profile, without searching through every Test Container, use the following:

SELECT SCC_SourceControlProfiles.Name AS [Source Control Profile], TM_TestPlanNodes.Name AS [Test Container Name],
SCC_Projects.ProjectName AS [Project Name]
SCC_SourceControlProfiles ON TM_TestContainers.SourceControlID_pk_fk = SCC_SourceControlProfiles.SourceControlID_pk INNER JOIN
TM_TestPlanNodes ON TM_TestContainers.TestContainerID_pk_fk = TM_TestPlanNodes.NodeID_pk INNER JOIN
SCC_Projects ON TM_TestContainers.ProjectID_fk = SCC_Projects.ProjectID_pk
WHERE (SCC_SourceControlProfiles.Name LIKE "%")

An SQL query could be used against the SilkCentral Test Manager database - this could be seen with SQL Server Enterprise Manager or equivalent. The above SQL query searches through all Test Containers and retrieves their Project Name and the associated Source Control Profile. From this result, much of the work of searching through every Test Container is removed and the user can go directly to the correct Test Container.

To perform the above in SilkCentral Test Manager:

  • Go to Reports View and create a new child report.
  • In the "Create New Report" dialog, click the "Advanced Query" button at the bottom left.
  • Copy and paste the above SQL statement into the "Report data query" text area.
    • Please change "" to the Source Control Profile name you wish to search.

  • Click "Check SQL" button to verify SQL statement.
  • Click "Finish" button.
  • With the new report selected, go to the "Data" tab and view the results.
    • You may need to click the "Update" button to retrieve query results.

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