Why do I receive the Server 500 Error message when uploading a project from SilkPerformer to SilkCentral TestManager even when I have Super User access rights?

This issue arises intermittently from system to system, however it may easily be identified via a number of simple checks.

1. Receipt of the Server 500 error message (even with Super User access in Test Manager)
2. A project will be loaded into Test Manager but will be missing requirements etc
3. Within the front End server Log there will be a number of entries similar to:

Statushttp://localhost/segueroot20/img/statusError.gif Error OV 2006-03-15 5:26:46 TM tcpConnection-19121-1
com.segue.scc.published.api.vcs.SourceControlException: unable to write to file \\\SCTMWorking\MSPetshop\Buy.bdf
Statushttp://localhost/segueroot20/img/statusInfo.gif Info OV 2006-03-15 15:26:46 TM tcpConnection-19121-1 unable to write to file

The solution to this is to ensure the users MUST have "write" permission to the SCTM shared drive.

Defaults from installation:


SHARE PATH: C:\Program Files\Borland\SC Test Manager 2006 R2\working

NOTE: Some customers might find this to be a security risk

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