Created On:  13 May 2011


Why are my tests not running in order of dependency in SilkCentral Test Manager?  Sometimes you may wish to run tests in SilkCentral Test Manager in a certain order.  For example you have three test definitions, called Start, Middle and End.  You want to run Start first, then End only if Start passes, then Middle only if End fails.


You set up the relevant dependencies in the Execution section just like in the shot below:

But when you execute all the tests they are running in order they are listed in the parent folder.

The reason for this is that SilkCentral Test Manager is designed to run all the tests in the order they are listed – it has no way of knowing which test you want to run first. So it will start running tests in order, get to a test with a dependency and skip to that then carry on.

If you want your tests to run in order of dependency, as in our example of Start, Middle and End above, you need to select the first test you want run, Start as above, and set it to execute. It will then call the tests following on from that, if they pass the conditions of the dependency.

Incident #2517389