Created On:  16 March 2012


Why are all tests with a status of "Not Executed" removed from a Manual Execution plan when you click on the “Finish Run” button and select “Remove Tests from this Run”?


When running a manual test where only some of the test are completed the other steps will have a status of “Not Executed”.  When this occurs, the overall status of the test itself will be set to “In Progress” and will only change to "Passed, Failed, Unsupported or Unresolved" when all assigned tests have been completed.

Once you have run the necessary tests and wish to complete the Test Run you then select the Finish Run button.

Once you have done this you are then required to choose an option from the dropdown menu to confirm what to do with the tests that have the status "Not Executed".

If the option "Remove Tests from this Run" is selected, in this instance all tests would be removed from the "Test Run". This can be verified when you go back into the Manual Test results section for this Test Run.

The reason why this behaviour occurs is because the Test status is "In Progress" and SilkCentral Test Manager considers the status of "In Progress" to be equivalent of "Not Executed".  Hence why all details of the tests are removed from this "Test Run" and not only the sections of the test which have a status of "Not Executed".

To overcome this predicament, when a test has a status of “In Progress” and you wish to complete the "Finish Run" then select the option “Leave Status Not Executed” from the "Finish Run" dropdown; to avoid all tests being deleted.

Incident #2564382