Created On:  23 June 2011


Every time I try to set up a SilkTest Workbench source control profile in SilkCentral Test Manager there is an error such as “Server_1234 has no instance name SilkTest_workbench”.


There are several things to check to help with this error.

- Check that in the dialog box you have entered the right username, password, database name etc. 
- Check that the instance does exist e.g. if the instance is called SQLExpress\Testing you don't have SQLExpress\Test specified.
- Ensured that TCP/IP is enabled in the SQL Server settings, this is required for SilkCentral Test Manager to communicate with the database correctly.
- Ensure that there is a DSN configured for the database in Control panel | Administrative Tools, then go to Start | Programs | Silk | SilkTest | Administrative Tools | Database Maintenance. This will open a new window, then go to File > New Database > SQL Server. Then browse for the data source and add in the database details. Click create. Then click on the Unlock Records button.
Incident #2491011