Created On:  09 January 2012


If you have SilkTest Workbench connected to a remote Oracle 11g database you need the Oracle Instant Client installed so the Oracle driver can be used to connect via ODBC to the database.

When running SilkTest Workbench tests from SilkCentral Test Manager a data source will be automatically be created on your system using this Oracle driver and the settings entered in the SilkTest Workbench source control profile in SilkCentral Test Manager.

When the tests run they may be returned with a status of Not Executed and under the messages tab you may see the following error message:

Could not get ODBC driver

In the log file the full stack trace is as follows:

01/03/2012 0100 11:05:10.326 SilkTest Workbench [SilkTestWBProjectName=Test, SilkTestWBscriptName=TestRun, SilkTestWBscriptType=.NET Script, playbackOptions=System Defaults]
01/03/2012 0100 11:05:10.326 Start executing script: TestRun
01/03/2012 0100 11:05:11.507 before COM4J cleanup
01/03/2012 0100 11:05:11.530 com.borland.sctm.testlauncher.RunException: Could not get ODBC driver
01/03/2012 0100 11:05:11.530  at com.borland.sctm.testlauncher.SilkTestWorkbenchTestExecutor.execute(
01/03/2012 0100 11:05:11.530  at com.borland.sctm.testlauncher.SilkTestWB.execute(
01/03/2012 0100 11:05:11.530  at
01/03/2012 0100 11:05:11.530  at
01/03/2012 0100 11:05:11.531  at


This is a known issue with the Oracle ODBC Driver in that it has an issue with the system call that SilkCentral Test Manager uses to create the data source.

To resolve this issue, install a working driver version (e.g. This version of the Oracle Instant Client can be downloaded from here:

Also make sure you install the 32bit version.

Incident #2552995