How to run python scripts from Silk Central Test Manager


Python scripts can be executed in SilkCentral Test Manager via the WSH tool (cscript). This will also resolve the error message: "There is no script Engine for File extension ".py""

  1. Download and install ActivePython for windows 
  2. Dowload and install the Win32 Extensions that match your installation of ActivePython, this will update your ActivePython installation.
  3. Copy a python script into the Source Control Folder under Test | Source Control Integrations, selecting UNC using the path to the folder containing the phyton script for the UNC path and Working folder
  4. Open SilkCentral Test Manager, go to Test and create a "New Child Test"
  5. Change the type to "Windows Scripting Test" then click "Next"
  6. Browse and select the python Script
  7. Add //E:Python to the Switches textfield and click "Finish"
  8. Right-click on the Test Definition and select "Try Run Test Definition"

Windows scripting properties

For SilkCentral to interpret the results of the Python file an output.xml needs to be generated depicting and errors or warning messages.


The attached python script ( change .txt extension to .py ) 2744.xml2silk.txt will create an output.xml that will allow us to populate the error/warning counts in SilkCentral.


Below see the output.xml file that will be created.

output xml file

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