Why do some of the dialogs not render correctly?



Why do some of the dialogs not render correctly?


You may find that some dialogs, such as the dialog for setting up the source control profile, do not render correctly. Rendering issues may include scroll bars being displayed on top of browse buttons as well as other issues. This is caused by the DPI (dots per inch) size for your monitor being set too high which can cause rendering issues on your machine. To change this setting to the normal size:

  • Right-Click on your desktop
  • Select Properties
  • Select Settings | Advanced
  • In the Graphics locate the DPI Settings and change to Normal Size (96 DPI).

Note: In this example the DPI setting is in the General tab but this can change from machine to machine.

Having this set to a higher DPI can cause rendering issues in other applications on your machine, not just SilkCentral.

Old KB# 24840
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