Created On:  19/05/2010


Receiving the following error after configuring Code Coverage Analysis for capturing analysis data in a Manual Test execution.

Failed to connect to code coverage recorder on


The error message suggests that the SilkCentral Test Manager (SCTM) frontend server URL (localhost:19120) has been entered into the list of hosts running code analysis agents. This is most probably incorrect.

For capturing code analysis data, the application under test (AUT) has to be started using the code analysis library sctmcc.dll, and the hostname/port of this instrumented AUT has to be entered into the code analysis hostnames fields in SCTM and/or the Manual Testing Client (MTC).

A description on how to start an application using the code analysis library can be found in Test Manager's online help topic 'Enabling Code Analysis for SilkCentral Test Manager'.

For applications running under Java 1.5 or higher, the additional VM parameters are e.g.:

The dll has to be included in the Java VM parameters of the application that is to be tested and for which code analysis should be enabled.

Incident #2427319