Created On:  08 November 2011


A panel in the New Child Requirement window as shown below contains several requirement properties and more can be added as needed. However as the window itself is not re-sizeable it could be tedious to navigate between those fields as not all fields are displayed and scroll down/up is required.


The property panel that contains the porperties like Priority, Risk, Reviewed, Business Value etc  has a stylesheet setting defining its height which can be adjusted to suit your needs such that all or most of properties can be displayed thus preventing the need to scroll and view/set those properties.

Following are the steps required to adjust its height.
1.The height of that property panel can be found and modified in the file tm_styles.css located in default loacation as below 
C:\Program Files\Silk\SC Test Manager 2011\wwwroot\silkroot\style
2. Search for #requirementPropertiesList 
Line 149: 
#requirementPropertiesList {margin:0px; border:1px solid #f0f0f0; height:97px; overflow-y:scroll;
overflow:auto; width:684px;}
You can modify the "height:97px;" property to fit your needs.

**No server restart is needed, but users will have to empty their browser cache or press CTRL F5 to have the browser reload stylesheet files. Note that this change would affect all users. 

After the modification the property panel should have resized as shown below

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