Created On:  30 September 2010


We are getting the error 404 "Page not found" received when trying to connect to SilkCentral Test Manager after installing with IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008.


If this error is received one thing you should check is the IIS role services that are installed on the system.

As per page 18 of the SilkCentral Test Manager Installation Guide:

To use IIS 7 as the Test Manager Web Server, you need to install the following features along with the standard installation:
• ISAPI Extensions
• ISAPI Filters

In order to check that your system has these roles installed for IIS, you should open the Server Manager, expand Roles and select Web Server (IIS). If you then scroll down to the Role Services section you can check which Role Services are installed. As you can see in the following screenshot this system has the three roles installed for IIS.

If they are not installed click the "Add Role Services" and select which Role Services to install, click Next and then Install. Note that after installation you may need to reboot the machine before trying to connect to SilkCentral Test Manager again.