When using"Download Excel report template" the .xls file only contains 5000 rows


The maximum number of rows for Excel report is controlled by a setting in SccFrontEndBootConf.xml file located in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Silk\SC Test Manager 12.x\conf\frontendserver

1) Locate the file SccFrontendBootConf.xml

2) Open the file in a text editor (ie. notepad.exe)

3) Locate the MS_Excel section




<!-- Name of the worksheet in MS Excel which SIlkCentral TestManager will write the data to. -->




                <!-- Maximum number of rows, that will be written to the MS Excel template. ->


                <!-- Due to restrictions of the Java library, the number of rows is limited to

32767 (Short.MAX_VALUE) -->


                <!-- Writing data to MS Excel files consumes a lot of memory. So it is recommended, to export huge amount of data in CSV format. -->


                <!-- Recommended default value: 5000 -->


                <!-- Specify 0 for unlimited number of rows. -->




4) Modify the default value of 5000 within the MAX_ROWS tags to suit your needs.

5) Restart the Silk Central FrontEnd server.


Setting the MAX_ROWS value to 0 (zero) will result in no limit on the number of rows (not recommended due to memory usage)


Please note that writing data to MS Excel files consumes high memory and it is recommended to export huge amount of data in CSV format instead.




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