Silk Central 15.5


The latest hotfix for Silk Central 15.5 is hotfix 5. It can be downloaded by contacting support or from the SupportLine website.

The following issues have been resolved with this hotfix:

  • RPI 609916: Separate permission to activate / deactivate an execution server
  • RPI 609931: Do not deactivate inaccessible execution servers when connecting a database
  • RPI 1094213: Reduce occupation of worker threads for inaccessible execution servers
  • RPI 1097114: Test case print issue in Silk Central
  • RPI 1097623: StarTeam - fixed sorting of dropdown options when not using workflows
  • RPI 1098207: Filter not properly reset when changing projects in Tests - Grid View
  • RPI 1098366: Order number not displayed for manual tests in configuration suite
  • RPI 1098428: Problems assigning tests to test cycle in only one project
  • RPI 1098434: After applying SCTM 15.5 HF4, the online help refers to Silk Central 16.0
  • RPI 1098455: Issue Manager - System-wide triggers option in issues allows max. 12 emails: Allow unlimited number of emails
  • RPI 1098528: User names in Add address drop down are not sorted
  • RPI 1098584: Issue Manager - Synopsis field size: Allow 128 instead of 80 characters
  • RPI 1098736: JIRA project named the same as JQL function
  • RPI 1098778: Print view of Manual Test Document dialog might be empty
  • RPI 1098795: Wrong columns in Requirements Document View PDF export
  • RPI 1098976: Manual test results document (Microsoft Word) giving Java error
  • RPI 1099007: ExcelExportImportRowLimit in SccFrontendBootConf.xml
  • Prevent login with invalidated user who only sees Issue Manager on double-click of login button or double-enter in text field


There is an optional new setting <InitialConnectTimeout> in SccAppServerBootConf.xml file, section <ExecServerCommunication>.

This can be added to reconfigure the time in seconds, how long the system tries to establish a new connection to an execution server (default 5 seconds).


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