Created On:  03 February 2011


PerfTmGuiLink.dll Error reported when trying to access results of SilkPerformer test execution in SilkCentral. After executing a SilkPerformer Test Definition in SilkCentral Test Manager, why is the following error message reported when I click either the 'Analyse Results' or 'Download Results' from the Run Results dialog?


This error has been known to occur when SilkCentral is installed on the machine before SilkPerformer. The solution is to add the SilkPerformer directory to the [Path] environment variable BEFORE the SilkCentral Test Manager entry shown below, so that the SilkPerformer directory is used to locate the PerfTmGuiLink.dll file.

Restart the browser and try accessing 'Analyse Results' or 'Download Results' confirm that the problem is resolved. The SilkCentral Development team is also planning to address this in a future release, by upgrading the PerfExp shipped with SilkCentral Test Manager.
Incident #2498568