Created On:  17 October 2011


How can I stop ‘Permissions Change’ emails being sent by SilkCentral TestManager 2010?


There is currently no built-in way to remove these email notifications.  They can be manually disable, however this needs to be done after every reboot of the SilkCentral Test Manager Server. 

To do so:

1. Open jconsole.exe from your Java bin directory e.g. \Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_01\bin\jconsole.exe (depending on Java version)

2. Connect to the "Remote Process" of frontend server of the SilkCentral Test Manager instance - this is usually running on port 19140
e.g. on a machine sydasq, connect to sydasq :19140

3. The username and password will be the username and password you have for SilkCentral Test Manager -
e.g. admin/admin

4. Go to the mbeans tab

5. Open the node 

6. Change the "Enabled" attributed to false. No more UserChangeEvent notifications will be sent.

Alternatively, the user types can be changed as only a Super User will get the change event email. So one option would be to have one Super User who gets the notification while the other users are not defined as Super Users and will get the notifications.
Incident #2541975