iOS Simulator unresponsive in Manual Mobile Testing Window


With the introduction of the ability to execute your manual test scripts against a mobile device in Silk Central 17.5, this will allow you see directly what your actions look like against a physical or virtual mobile device.

One issue you may encounter during playback is that the device stream becomes unresponsive for an iOS simulator. In this scenario, you should not reset this stream by closing the Manual Mobile Testing window.

To reset this stream please follow the instructions below:

1.)    Stop the info service in the terminal:
launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/com.borland.infoservice.plist

2.)    Create/edit an file in your user directory under <user_home>/.silk/silktest/conf

3.)    Edit the file. Under the properties key ‘’customCapabilities” you can specify additional Appium capabilities for manual testing

a)      customCapabilities=noReset=true

this prevents the resetting

4.)    Restart the info service in the terminal:
launchctl load /Library/LaunchAgents/com.borland.infoservice.plist

If you have any issues or questions on this issue or around mobile testing in Silk Central, let us know through Micro Focus Support Line.

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