Load Balancing Servers in SC17


On Machine 1 – Main Application/Frontend Server

On Machine 2 – Frontend Server only


On Machine 2, do the following:

  1. Open Silk Central Instance Manager
  2. Stop the Services you do not need. (eg Application,Chart servers)
  3. Click the Settings button > Go to Servers Tab > select Frontend server
  4. Get the port being used and copy this

Go to Machine 1

  1. Open Instance Manager
  2. Click Settings (Gear Icon) > Activate maintenance mode to make changes to the config files
  3. Open the NGINX custom properties file for editing by going to
    1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Silk\Silk Central 17.0\nginx\conf
  4. Right Click on the nginxCustom.properties file and Edit
  5. Add the URL and port from Machine 2 by using the following format:
    1. frontendserver.<Instance_Name>=<URL1:PORT>,<URL2:PORT>
  6. eg: frontendservers.silk=localhost:19110,silkserver2:19110

7. Save the changes to this file

Go back to Machine 1 Instance Manager

  1. Click Settings > Deactivate maintenance mode
  2. Connect to the URL of Machine 2 > Enter your Application Server details
  3. Now you can connect to the frontend server by using the URLS of Machines 1 or 2

** Because of NGINX restrictions it is not possible to use port 19120 of a front-end server.

Always get the port from the settings dialog as described above

 For Setting Up Multiple Chart Servers

  1. Log in to Frontend server as sysadmin user
  2. Go to Infrastructure > Chart Server
  3. Set up URL to active chart server on Machine 2

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