Created On:  27 April 2010


When using the BIRT RCP Designer it is possible to design reports that pull data from multiple data sources or databases e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and many more.

As long as the relevant JDBC driver for the database is installed on the machine then BIRT is able to access it when you add the JDBC driver jar file via the “New Data Source” Wizard. For further information on this please check the BIRT help files.

However as SCTM only supports SQL Server and Oracle you may get an error message similar to that shown below when you try to run a BIRT report that uses a different database than these from inside SCTM:

“Cannot open the connection for the driver:
Cannot load JDBC Driver class: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver.”

The reason for this error is because SCTM does not have access to the relevant JDBC driver for the data source or database in use by the report. In this case the error message is referring to the MySQL JDBC driver.


In order to enable SCTM to access the MySQL JDBC driver you need to copy the MySQL driver .jar-file you are using to the following directory:


For example: C:\Program Files\Silk\SC Test Manager 2010\libExternal\Birt\plugins\\drivers

You then need to restart the chart servers.

There are the jtds.jar and ojdbc.jar placed there by default for SQL Server and Oracle.