Silk Central Administrator Role .


As an administrator of Silk Central, it is important to ensure you have the resources available to effectively manage the application in the most efficient manner. 

Within Silk Central, as the administrator of the application you will have the ability to integrate directly into an LDAP server, and also integrate Silk Central with other tools you may use throughout your organization such as JIRA, Rally, TFS and Git to name a few.

One of the first tasks will be to ensure that users can access the application with the required permissions. In Silk Central you can integrate directly with your LDAP server, to ensure that you can enforce the security policy of the company within Silk Central as well.

Enable Silk Central to Use LDAP Authentication and Configure a Template User

The video details how to integrate Silk Central with your LDAP server, and also enable a template user. This means that when a user logs into Silk Central, they will be granted the dashboard and permissions from the template user, to allow the user to get up and running with the application as quickly as possible.

Next you may want to create new roles in the application that cover the different types of users that you may have logging into Silk Central, to ensure that a user only has access to the parts of the application that they should.

Create and Modify User Roles in Silk Central

Now that you have configured the required roles for the application, you can create a new internal user. This video will demonstrate how to assign a user to a group and role. In Silk Central, a group will define the project a user has access to and the role and the features they have access to in that project. 

Create a New User, Assign Roles and Groups in Silk Central

Once we have all the user roles defined, and our LDAP server created, we are ready as an administrator to start creating projects. A project in Silk Central can take on many roles depending on how it is configured. You can run projects for specific releases, feature sets or for an entire product that evolves over time. Below you will find out how to create a project in Silk Central.

Create a New Project in Silk Central

During the creation of the project, you can define what groups have access to the project. Once you have created the project you are ready to hand this over to the testers, so they can start to add and run their tests from Silk Central.





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