Created On:  06 September 2011


How can I configure the Manual Testing Client to connect to SilkCentral Test Manager via a Proxy Server?


There is no inbuilt configuration within the Manual Testing Client (MTC) which allows you to add the connection parameters of a Proxy Server in order to connect the MTC via the Proxy Server. Therefore to work around this problem, you need to create an eclipse.ini file to add the connection parameters.
This can be done as follows:

1) Launch a blank document in notepad
2) Go to “Save As” and enter the “File name” ManualTestingClient.ini and save as “Type” All Files
3) The save location should be the same directory as the MTC, i.e.  C:\Program Files\Silk\SC Manual Testing Client 2011
4) Edit the file and add the connection details of the proxy server like so:


Background Information

The -vmargs argument indicates that all what follows concern the JVM

The Java runtime provides a set of system properties that can be set to force the HTTP request to go through a proxy.

The two primary settings are:

•  http.proxyHost - This is used to specify the host name of the HTTP proxy server.
•  http.proxyPort - This is used to specify the port number on the HTTP proxy host.

However there are additonal settings which can be added “Dhttp.proxyUser and Dhttp.proxyPassword”, like so

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