Created On:  29 December 2010


I migrated my QADirector assets to SilkCentral Test Manager successfully.  I log into SilkCentral Test Manager and go to the Test Plan Unit.  On the Test Container folder and Child Test folders I see a hazard icon.  How do I resolve this issue?


The hazard icon appears because a Source Control Profile has not been defined for the project.  To resolve this issue:

1. Go to Projects.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select the Source Control tab, then select New Profile.

4. Create a new source control profile.  An example, if manual test scripts were migrated over with this project, select the source control system UNC.

5. Go to the Test Plan unit.

6. Select the Test Container - select the Properties tab.

7. Select to Edit source Control.

8. Select your Source Control Profile from the drop down menu.

9. Select OK to save.

10. The hazard icon no longer appears. 

Incident #2492671