Created On:  26 May 2010


In SilkCentral Test Manager how can I retrieve a list of Requirements that have no Test definition assigned?


This can be done by creating an SQL query to query the following two Test Manager views:

  • RTM_V_Requirements and
  • RTM_V_ReqTests. 
The below SQL query will return a list of requirements that have no Test definition assigned for the current project:

SELECT DISTINCT [re].[ReqID], [re].[ReqName], [rt].[TestID]
FROM RTM_V_Requirements re LEFT OUTER JOIN RTM_V_ReqTests rt
                ON [re].[ReqID] = [rt].[ReqID]
WHERE [rt].[TestID] IS NULL AND [re].[ProjectID] =${$PROJECTID}
ORDER BY [re].[ReqID]

This can be run as a report from Test manager by following the steps below:-
  1. From Reports module click on “New Child report”

  2. Give the report a name (Eg:- “RT – Reqs with No Test Defs assigned”)
  3. Click on “Advanced Query” button
  4. Paste the above SQL in the “Report Data Query” section.

  5. Check SQL and verify it is ok.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Click on “Data” tab which will return the information.

Note the above SQL query can be altered to return more information.