How can I add a new defect from a third party tool?



How can I add a new defect from a third party tool?


This can be done by running SQL similar to the example below. As you can see the value for the DefectID here is 12. This indicates that we are entering the 12th defect into the database but you will need to increment this so that each new defect record uses the next available ID. To get this ID you need query the APP_SETTING table then assign the value to a variable and substitute this in the query for the DefectID value. The last used defect number can be found under the IntValue that contains a SettingID of "499" so you just increment this by one.

A sample query is listed below:

INSERT INTO DEFECT(DefectID, DefectType, Synopsis, ReleaseCreated, Platform, SynopsisUC, ProductCode, Component, Status, Severity, NumHistory, NumCases, NumAttaches, NumTestcases, NumNotify, UserCreated, DateCreated, TimeCreated, InboxAssigned, DayCreated, WeekCreated, MonthCreated, UserLastMod, DateLastMod, TimeLastMod, DayLastMod, WeekLastMod, MonthLastMod, Custom2, Custom3) VALUES (12,"BUG","Some Desc","7.2","WIN: 2000","Hello","SilkPerformer","ODBC","Dev-Ready","2: No Workaround",0,0,0,0,0,"segue","2005-10-20","22:12","GeraldK - Dev", "5:THU","2005-10-16(SUN)-->2005-10-22(SAT)","200510","segue","2005-10-20","22:12","5:THU","2005-10-16(SUN)-->2005-10-22(SAT)","200510","","" )

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