Created On:  12 January 2011


Why are assigned test definitions missing from a requirement after performing an update on the requirement?


There is a known issue in SilkCentral Test Manager 2010 which causes assigned test definitions to be removed from a requirement (imported from MS Word) if the requirement has been updated. For example the steps to reproduce the issue are as follows:

• In the Requirements page select the root node and select “Import from Word”, import the word based requirement (ensure mapping is correct and that an External ID is provided)
• In the “Requirements | Assigned Test Definitions” tab – assign a test definition to the requirement
• View the Assigned Test Definition
• Right click onto the Requirement, select context menu  "Update from Word", select the mapping file & Microsoft Word document and click OK
• Close message-dialog (successful update) by clicking "OK"
• View the Requirements and the “Requirements | Assigned Test Definitions” – note that the test definitions are no longer present and have to be added again, as shown below.



To resolve the problem please contact customer care and request the fix:
Incident #2488954