Created On:  21 September 2011


If a user is logged into SilkCentral Test Manager they may want to see all of the test definitions that they created within the current project.  How is this done?


This can be achieved by creating a custom report that returns all test definitions by querying the "Created By" property of all test definitions in the project, to do this:

Go to the "Reports" Tab
Right-click on the tree and select "New Child Report"
Click on the "Advanced Query" button
Set the query to the following:

SELECT r.* FROM RTM_V_TestDefinitions r INNER JOIN (SELECT DISTINCT  testDefs.TestID as id  FROM TM_V_TestDefinitions testDefs  WITH (NOLOCK)  WHERE testDefs.ProjectID = ${$PROJECTID} AND  LOWER(testDefs.TestCreator) like  '${$USERNAME}') data ON = r.TestID

Click "Finish" button

When you go to the "Data" tab it should now show all test definitions in the current project that were created by the current user.
Incident #2536509