What are "test definitions" and why are they required in SilkCentral TestManager?



What are "test definitions" and why are they required in SilkCentral TestManager?



What are "test definitions" and why are they required in SilkCentral TestManager?


In order to schedule tests in TesManager, you must create a test definition.

To create a SilkTest test definition:

1. Select Start > Programs > SilkCentral > Test Manager > Test Manager Home Page.

2. Log in to Test Manager ("segue" is the default value for both the username and password).

3. Select Scheduling > Overview > Projects.

4. Select a project or folder, then click the New Test Definition link at the top right of the page.

A default project is provided, but you can also create new projects and folders.

5. Enter the full path and name of you test source file, or click Browse to browse to select the file. This can be a SilkTest plan file (*.pln), script file (*.t) or suite file (*.s).


When using the Browse button, make sure that the file you reference is accessible not only from your local machine, but also from the application server (as this is the machine that will be accessing the file).

When referencing sources on a network path (UNC), specify valid login credentials in the UNC User Name and UNC Password boxes. Specify the fully qualified user name, including domain (e.g., "segue/tester").

If you select Use Sources Available at Runtime for Execution, TestManager will NOT manage the sources in its database. It will use the specified path to access files on the execution server at runtime. Make sure that all dependent files are available on the execution server in the specified path.

6. Click Next to proceed to Step 2. Name is the only required field on this page, but you can also reference a named query, product, component, and platform, etc. For more information, see the Test Manager online Help.

7. Click Save to finish creating the test definition.

Note: In order to run successfully, the source file must include a reference to the applicable *.inc file. For example:

use "frame.inc"

use "extend\explorer.inc"

If you are not sure what *.inc file you should reference, select Options > Runtime in SilkTest to open the Runtime Options dialog. The *.inc files are listed in the Use Files box.


You can provide a reference to an options (*.opt) file in the Options Set File box when you create or edit the test definition in TestManager. The options file contains the reference to the *.inc file.

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