What is SilkCentral Test Manager?



What is SilkCentral Test Manager?



What is SilkCentral Test Manager?


Overview of SilkCentral Test Manager (SCTM)

SilkCentral Test Manager delivers a complete testing solution - from requirements and test-plan management, to test-execution management, issue tracking, and reporting.

Today"s e-business systems are increasingly complex, and reliability is more important than ever. Therefore, assuring product quality throughout the development cycle is an important key to success. The best way to check a product"s quality over time is to perform key tests on a daily basis. SilkCentral Test Manager helps in this regard by automating test executions that follow freely configurable schedules, both during product development and after deployment. By providing reports with different levels of detail, checking the status of products in development is as straightforward as checking an HTML report in a Web browser.

With complex software projects, thorough testing of new builds is critically important. SilkCentral Test Manager saves time and man hours by automating this process. Test Manager allows you to utilize existing SilkTest and SilkPerformer scripts, and creates scheduled tests based on those scripts. In a few simple steps your test cases are ready to be run automatically, based on individually configurable schedules.

Requirements management

As a key component of your complete testing solution, SilkCentral Test Manager"s Requirements unit enables you to maintain control over system requirements during development: managing the creation, modification, and deletion of requirements; association of test definitions with requirements; change-history tracking; and the ability to generate test plans directly from requirement lists. As with all Test Manager functionality, the Requirements unit is 100% Web enabled and accessible via your Web browser.

Test plan management

SilkCentral Test Manager"s Test Plan unit enables you to maintain control over test planning across the system development lifecycle. The Test Plan unit allows you to create and manage test plans, including the definition of both automated (SilkPerformer, SilkTest, JUnit, NUnit, and Windows Scripting) tests and manual tests. Files and links can be uploaded and associated with test containers and definitions as attachments. Issues that are uncovered can easily be associated with the test definitions that led to their discovery. Full history of all changes to test plans is also tracked.

Test execution management

The Test Execution unit enables you to configure test scenarios from the Test Plan unit and to schedule those scenarios for execution on your execution servers. Test definitions can be statically assigned to execution definitions or test definitions can be grouped dynamically using predefined filters on the Test Plan tree. Custom schedules can be defined for execution definitions, or predefined schedules can be used.

SilkCentral Issue Manager

SilkCentral Issue Manager, SilkCentral"s issue-tracking tool, is fully integrated with Test Manager, enabling you to correlate issues with system requirements and executed tests.

Test-definition issues can be added and managed via the Issues tab in the Test Plan unit (Test Plan View). See "Managing Issues" for details.

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