Is it possible to email rendered reports in SilkCentral Test Manager?



Is it possible to email rendered reports in SilkCentral Test Manager?



Is it possible to email rendered reports once test cases have ran in SilkCentral Test Manager?


SilkCentral Test Manager can notify you by email when requirements or test plans are changed by other users but these only take the form of text only emails, the inclusion of the graphs and charts is not supported. If you wish to email the Excel rendered report, you will need to manually download it and email it.

To set up the text only email service currently available within SilkCentral Test Manager, follow the steps below :

To have reports emailed to you to update you about results from your application, you must specify the location of your mail server. You may only configure email settings if you have administrator privileges.
Note SilkCentral supports basic SMTP authentication (LOGIN PLAIN).

Specifying the location of a mail host

Procedure : To specify the location of up to three mail servers:

  1. On the SilkCentral Administration/System page, click the Notification tab.

  2. Select the E-mail tab (if it has not already been selected automatically).
    • On this page you are asked to specify the mail server hostname or IP address in the fields Server 1, Server 2 or Server 3,
    • the Mail address of the system administrator,
    • and the From address to use for mails.
    • - Server 1, Server 2, or Server 3 are the names or IP addresses of the servers that send your mail. For many companies, this server is simply called mail. If your mail server uses SMTP authentication (LOGIN PLAIN), you must enter a valid User and Password for the mail server. Contact your mail server administrator if you do not know the login credentials -
    • The Mail address of system administrator is the mail address of the SilkCentral system administrator. You must enter an address here to complete the configuration. You may add any valid email address : The From address to use for mails is the name that is to appear in the From field when someone receives an email from the system. This can be any email address (e.g., "").

  3. To confirm that the configuration is functional, click Check. Then verify that the system administrator receives a test email notification from the application.

If you receive an error message, or if you do not receive an email, review your mail settings. Ensure that the hostname of your email server is correct and that the SMTP protocol is running on that machine.

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