Created On:  25 April 2011


Why are the “Synchronize Changes” and “Synchronize All” buttons greyed out in SilkCentral Test Manager?


If you have previously successfully configured SilkCentral Test Manager to integrate with Requirement Management software such as CaliberRM or IBM Rational etc and you find that when you now go to “Requirements tab | Project | Properties” that the buttons “Synchronize Changes” and “Synchronize All” are greyed out.

Then this is an indication that you have not logged into SilkCentral Test Manager using an Administrative user account.

To enable the two buttons, you need to log out of Test Manager and log back in using a user account who has the “Administrator” role definition ( or with a user with the 'Manage requirements' permission setting). Once you have done this the buttons will be available again, like so:

Incident #2508765