Configuring JVM values for Silk Central 17.0


In Silk Central 17.0 the java configuration for HEAP space is no longer specified in the registry. The settings are specified in separate, so-called process configuration files:

- sc_AppServer.processconfig
- sc_ChartServer.processconfig
- sc_FrontEndServer.processconfig

These configuration files are stored for each instance in the "conf" sub-folder of the instance's installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Silk\Silk Central 17.0\instance_1_silk\Conf)

Inside such a file, you can specify the Java heap space for 32-bit and 64-bit mode:

- As an example, these are the default Java heap space settings in the default process configuration file for the application server

<JvmOptions> //64-bit mode
<JvmOption name="-Xmx" value="2048m" />
<JvmOptions32bit> //32-bit mode
<JvmOption32bit name="-Xmx" value="512m" />

Note: To make changes active you have to restart the corresponding server process in the instance administration

The default Java heap space settings for the application, front-end and chart services are:

- Running in 32-bit mode:
application server: 768m
front-end server: 512m
chart server: 512m

- Running in 64-bit mode:
application server: 1280m
front-end server: 2048m
chart server: 1024m

Generally, we recommend to use the default values as specified in the process configuration files.

SI: 2879293

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