Created On:  23 October 2012


Is it possible to create an Issue Tracking report which displays the full Issue Description and History without having to create my own SQL query?


Yes this is possible and can be achieved by the following steps:

• Go to ISSUES | REPORTS to open the Issue Manager reports.

• Click to create a new Child Report

• Here, create a report showing whatever incidents you wish to see the results for. For example, to view all open incidents set the details as follows:

   Property: Status; Operator: not; Status: Closed

• Finish

• Click on the Report tab

• Click

• Select 'Print Issues' template from the bottom of the list and you will be displayed with a report showing the full details on the chosen incidents, including the Description and History.

It is not possible to export this particular report to Excel, but it is possible to print the details of the report into PDF or XPS. To do this select to print the report (click Ctrl P in the browser), and you can select XPS or PDF drivers instead of a real printer.

If you have no PDF entry you can install a PDF writer one e.g CutePDF.

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