Are there any known issues in SilkCentral Test Manager 2007?



Are there any known issues in SilkCentral Test Manager 2007?



Are there any known issues in SilkCentral Test Manager 2007?


This section contains a list of known issues and provides work-arounds where available.

Settings issues

  • IIS integration does not work if Java 1.4 (and possibly earlier releases) is installed on the system. (30440)
    Workaround: Uninstall Java 1.4 or lower on the front-end server machine.
  • If the database is disconnected (e.g., for administrative tasks), users which continue working with Test Manager may receive Nullpointer exceptions. (27023, 31596)
    Workaround: Wait until the administrator reconnects the database and login again.

Test Plan issues

  • With the data-driven feature new parameters are generated from the columns of the assigned data set. If a value is empty (optional or undefined parameter) the value is marked as "". This could be a problem with, for example, SilkTest scripts, because is also sent to the SilkTest agent via the execution interface. (31548)
    Workaround: In your data source/data set, define a valid value for optional parameters (e.g. 0 for a number) and check these values in your SilkTest scripts before using them.
  • A data-driven test definition with the options "Each data row is a single test definition" and/or "Enable data-driven properties" enabled, is not supported as Setup & Cleanup test definition. Changing either of these options while a test definition is assigned to an execution definition can cause the results of a setup/cleanup test definition to vanish. (31484)
    Workaround: None.
  • It is not possible to remove the data-driven properties from a test planning node. Due to this, you cannot remove an assigned data source in Administration/Configuration. (29280)
    1.) Delete the test planning node
    2.) Delete the data source configuration (work cautiously with folders and test containers)
    3.) Recreate the test planning node
  • Creating an automated test from a manual test does not work if the description is too long. Since the description for a new automated test is generated from the step descriptions, the resulting length for the description can exceed the allowed maximum of 2000 characters. (28564)
    Workaround: Reduce the length of the proposed description for the new automated test in the first wizard step to a maximum of 2000 characters.

Execution issues

  • Data imported from a data source for data-driven tests appears in a single column. This happens when the locale of the computer on which the data source was created differ from the locale of the computer hosting Test Manager (if the default CSV separator of the two locale differ). (31145)
    Workaround: None. You need to make sure that the client on which new data sources are created uses the same CSV separator as Test Manager"s application server.
  • After starting an execution definition with "Run Once" it sometimes takes a long time for the execution definition to show up in the "Current Executions" section of the "Activities" page. The "Run Once" operation uploads all associated information of test definitions assigned to the execution definition to execution servers before initiating the execution, which takes time. If the application server is busy uploading data due other user"s actions, this increases the delay further. (31542)
    Workaround: None.
  • If the execution server runs as service, rather than as a Windows process, the execution server may have insufficient rights to detect the SilkTest installation directory via the file system and throws a Nullpointer exception. (31507)
    Workaround: Run the execution server in process mode to run automated SilkTest executions.
  • When entering Unicode characters in the test step result field while executing a manual test, those characters are sometimes not displayed as entered when viewing the manual test results. (28194)
    Workaround: None.
  • When creating a new filter (that has at least two criteria) within the Execution unit, and selecting "Execution Property" (the default) from the "Selection Criteria" drop-list box as the last of the criteria, you"ll receive the error message, "Could not apply filter to tree: unknown resultingCategory: 3." (27063)
    Workaround: Select a value other than "Execution Property" from the "Selection Criteria" drop-list box on the "New Filter" dialog. Then re-select "Execution Property" from the list and continue configuring the filter.
  • The last execution results of a test definition and execution definition cannot be deleted. (28563)
    Workaround: Run the execution definition again (via schedule or run once) in order to generate new results. Now the previous results can be deleted.
  • If an execution server shuts down during the execution of an execution definition, the results of the already completed test definition executions are lost. (21303)
    Workaround: None.
  • No warning that changes are lost is displayed if the Assigned Test Definitions tab is left without having clicked the Apply button. (19681)
    Workaround: Always apply changes before leaving the Assigned Test Definitions tab.
  • When rerunning failed tests, the execution definition status (Execution/Document View) only displays the test definition executions which were re-run, not all. (21179)
    Workaround: Although the Document View does not display the total Execution definition status, reports display the status for all test executions.
  • .NetExplorer Test Execution might not end if the event log is full, as in this case .NetExplorer brings up a message box. (25539)
    Workaround: None.

Reports issues

  • When displaying the "Report" tab of the "Reports" unit, a "refresh" operation in the browser sometimes (rarely) displays a "500 Servlet Exception" . (28418)
    Workaround: Click the "Update" button on the current Report page.
  • Full-text indices can"t be used on text objects in Oracle databases because Test Manager uses the NCLOB data type. (26330)
    Workaround: Contact Borland Customer Support for information about possible solutions.
  • When changing the Microsoft Excel report template, a "File Download" dialog appears. (23980)
    Workaround: This problem can occur on Windows 2000 operating systems. To solve the issue, open Windows Explorer and select Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types -> XLS -> Advanced. Check the Confirm open after download checkbox.
  • If Microsoft Internet Explorer"s security level is set to High (which is the default setting in Windows 2003 SP1), JavaScript is disabled and Test Manager will not work correctly.
    Workaround: Add the Test Manager URL and the chart server URL to your local intranet site or to the list of trusted sites in MS Internet Explorer.

Third-party tools issues

  • VMware Lab Manager: A VMware Lab Manager installation can only be used by a single Test Manager installation, because checking out the same configuration from multiple installations would lead to deadlocks. (33908)
    Workaround: None
  • VMware Lab Manager: If capturing a configuration lasts longer than 10 minutes no LiveLink is attached to the execution result. (33907)
    Workaround: None.
  • It is possible to create traces in a CaliberRM project to test definitions in a SilkCentral Test Manager project that is not configured for integration with this CaliberRM project. This will lead to inconsistency of traces in CaliberRM and assignments of test definitions in Test Manager. Such traces should not be created. (31594)
    Workaround: None.
  • CVS SourceControl Integration with public key authentication does not work if the front-end server service runs under the system user. (26807)
    Workaround: Start the front-end server service with a normal user account or use another authentication mechanism for CVS.
  • Using the GoTo functionality in Test Manager for an assigned external issue from StarTeam always opens a new instance of StarTeam instead of reusing an existing instance. (27640)
    Workaround: None.
  • The Check Connection command on the Edit Configuration dialog for the configuration of IBM Rational RequisitePro integration projects may fail although all provided data is correct. (20000)
    Workaround: To enable access for IBM Rational RequisitePro SDK to projects in MS-Access database files (*.mdb), the access rights of the .mdb file have to be set to (rw) for the Internet Guest account (e.g.: LAB\IUSR_LABMASTER). This can be done on the parent directory to enable access for all projects in the directory.
  • The Check Connection command on the Edit Configuration dialog for the configuration of IBM Rational RequisitePro integration projects may fail although all provided data is correct. (20001)
    Workaround: To be able to get access to Requisite Pro project files, you must have access to them via a UNC path. The SilkCentral Test Manager Frontend Server using this file must therefore either run under a user account (default is system account for services) with proper rights (admin), or the share must be configured for NullSessionLogins access. Otherwise the connection to the RequisitePro project will fail. See the MS article for more details. To enable NullSessionLogin, run regedt32.exe on the Requisite Pro server machine and browse to: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters\NullSessionShares. Then add a new line to the REG_MULTI_SZ field with the share name used by the service.
  • If the configuration of External Traceability for SilkCentral Test Manager in Borland"s Framework Administrator is changed, all existing traces to SilkCentral Test Manager test definitions may become invalid. (28566)
    Workaround: Use the synchronization functionality on the Properties tab of the Requirements unit to add the traces (assigned test definitions) a second time and delete any obsolete test definitions.
  • You cannot set CaliberRM custom properties "Priority" and "Status" to map to SilkCentral Test Manager custom properties. These names are reserved by CaliberRM. (20710)
    Workaround: None.
  • The PVCS support is limited to the English language version.
    Workaround: None.

Display issues

  • Office Import Tool Help does not open in Firefox 2.0 browser.
    Workaround: Use another browser to display the Office Import Tool Help.
  • In Issue Manager, release names within issues consist of "VersionName BuildName". When performing an action in Test Manager, release names in the drop-down list are shown with "BuildName" only. (26970)
    Workaround: None.
  • In Internet Explorer 6, drop-down menus in the background are clickable, even if a modal dialog is opened. (20471)
    Workaround: None.
  • If you log in to Test Manager, and then log in again with another user account in a second browser window with the "Remember Login" option selected, the stored cookie is read by the first browser as well and the logged in user will change in the first browser. (21325)
    Workaround: If you must work with more than one open browser window with different user accounts, log in to Test Manager without selecting the "Remember Login" option.
  • The preview wizard step in the Test Manager Office Import tool only shows the first 230 characters for requirements and manual tests that are imported. This is only a visual limitation on the preview page, the requirements and manual tests are actually imported with the full name. (20472)
    Workaround: None.

Issue Manager issues

  • Files with less than three characters in the file name can not be uploaded. (27406)
    Workaround: Use only file names with three or more characters.
  • Some imported custom reports might not work anymore due to database changes in version 4.0. (25225)
    Workaround: None.
  • Parameter names with blank characters are not supported, though you will not receive an error message if you use a parameter name with blank characters. (25754)
    Workaround: None.

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