Can SilkCentral Issue Manager be integrated with StarTeam?



Can SilkCentral Issue Manager be integrated with StarTeam?


Yes it is possible to integrate SilkCentral Issue Manager and StarTeam (Change Management tool from Borland). It is possible to integrate these products using SilkCentral Test Manager"s (SCTM) source code control interface.

SCTM provides integration with source control tools, such as PVCS, MS SourceSafe, CVS and Perforce. This out-of-the-box capability allows users to store and version their product source code, automation scripts, and requirements documents. With the capability to access the source control tool and provide the ability to operate common functions such as Check-in/Check-out/history etc that is delivered via the common interface (SCCI) supplied by the source control vendor.

The following information is available on the Borland site:

Can I use StarTeam with other Borland products or with products from other vendors?
"StarTeam is compatible with the Microsoft Source Code Control interface, and it works seamlessly with many solutions that support this API guideline."

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