Created On:  February 16th, 2012.


How do I pass parameters from SilkCentral Test Manager to BIRT.


SilkCentral is tightly integrated with BIRT RCP Designer to make it easy for you to generate Reports for your Tests, Results, Defects, and Requirements data. After downloading a copy of BIRT RCP Designer; you can create new Report templates or customize the standard Reports provided with Test Manager. Please see the related topics and the BIRT RCP Designer online help for details.

BIRT Report Designer:

Can be downloaded directly from the following location in SilkCentral Test Manager :

 > Help | Tools | BIRT RCP Report Designer.

Simply extract the package to some local directory and launch by clicking the BIRT executable (C:\birt-rcp-report-designer-\BIRT.exe).
In the following example we will pass parameters from SilkCentral Test Manager to BIRT. In SCTM Reports we define Report parameters using the following syntax:

>  ${Internal Parameter Name|Standard Value|Text Shown in Parameters Tab} ...

In BIRT you can refer to the parameters using a report parameter
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