Created On:  15 January 2013


How to use the new simple Word reports in Silk Central Test Manager 12.1.


In SilkCentral 12.1, there is a new simple Word report feature that allows you to use Word documents as reporting templates.

For an example on how this new feature works, please follow the below steps using the Demo project;

1. Log into SCTM and navigate to Reports > Details View.
2. Navigate to Test > Manual Test > Manual Test Results by Execution Plan.
3. Click on the Report tab click on the Select Report Template button. This should display a drop down selection list, select Manual Test Result (docx).
4. To see the report, click on the download link called Manual Test Results by Execution Plan.docx.

To modify this template to work with other reports please follow these steps;

1. Navigate to Administration > Report Templates.
2. Find the Manual Test Result report and click on the save icon.
3. Open the report and make the necessary modifications. Details on modifying the Word reports can be found in the online SCTM Help guide in the sections 'Customizing the Word Report Template' and 'Word Report Template.'
4. Upload this template to the SCTM server by either;
    A)Selecting the upload button at the bottom of the Report Templates page.
    B)Selecting the update button beside the Manual Test Result template. This will replace the existing one on the server.
5. Follow steps 2-4 in the top section to generate the report.

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