Created On:  28 March 2012


After upgrading to a newer version of SilkCentral Test Manager (SCTM) and attempting to connect to the database why does SCTM report that it cannot find the database?


After upgrading to a newer version of SilkCentral Test Manager and trying to connect to the database, a message is displayed by SilkCentral that it cannot find the database. This occurs even though the username, password and database details are correct.

This can be caused by the password policy on the SQL Server database user account; if the policy had not been invoked prior to connecting to SilkCentral Test Manager after an upgrade.  For example if SQL Server had been running for a period of time connected to the previous version of SilkCentral and the connection was continually kept open during this time, ensuring the password policy was never invoked.

During the upgrade to the newer version of SilkCentral the connection to the database was no longer kept open, providing the policy with an opportunity to be invoked. Once it had been invoked the account became locked, and the new version of SilkCentral could therefore not connect to the database using this account.

This can be resolved by either removing the password policy from the database user account used by SilkCentral, or by ensuring the account is not locked in any way in SQL Server before trying to connect with SilkCentral Test Manager. You can disable "enforce password policy" on the SQL Server user account, in the properties section as shown below:

Incident #2566504