Created On:  06 March 2012


When using the JIRA Issue Tracking integration with SCTM 2011, if you select the option "Show custom fields" you may receive a connection error if you try to create an issue.  See below screenshot:

The following will be detailed in the Front end server logs:

-exec-1 (ES719),com.segue.scc.published.api.issuetracking.StoreIssueException:
Cannot contact the JIRA system. Please check the entered hostname and port.
Error message is:null.


The problem is caused by the fact that the SOAP operation 'getCustomFields' is permitted by Administrators only in JIRA.  The below error can be seen in the JIRA log:

- com.atlassian.jira.rpc.exception.Remote Permission Exception: Remote custom fields can only be retrieved by an administrator.

This is a problem with the JIRA Webservice call, since getCustomFields is the only one which requires administrator privileges.  Development have changed the implementation of the plugin for SCTM 2011 to use the credentials defined in the Issue Tracking Profile for this call.  For storing the issue, the credentials defined in the New Issue Dialog are used so that the reporting user is correct (this is the same behavior as before).

This means for the customer, that they have to verify that the user defined in the Issue Tracking profile has administrator privileges.  Furthermore, the error will now be displayed in the UI, instead of: "Error message is:null".

Install Instructions:-
1. Stop SCTM services.
2. Copy the attached amended to the following directory:-
C:\Program Files\Silk\SC Test Manager 2011\Plugins.  NOTE: if taking a backup of the original file, please place this in a different directory.
3. Restart Services.

Incident #2535917