Silk Central Test Manager -ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException


Whilst in the Issues Reports.

There is a known permanent restriction, users have encountered the following error.


From an existing report with two criteria specified I performed a copy and paste as child on the parent folder and the mentioned error was generated.


This is down to being an issue with the Parameters tab.

There is a confirmed solution for this and follow the steps below:-

- Select the report to be copied ("Your report name") 
- Select tab "Parameters" 
- Click on button "Edit Parameters" 
- In the dialog click on "OK" 

Now try again to copy this report. 

If the above did not resolve the problem open the edit parameter dialog again, change the priority/usage from example:- high to low. Click ok. Afterwards open the parameter dialog again and set priority back to what it should be, example:- high again.

Then retry to copy.

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