Created On:  28 February 2012


Why am I unable to I find the ‘Finished at’ value displayed in the Manual Testing Client’s Completed Runs View, within the SilkCentral Database?


When executing Manual Tests via the Manual Testing Client: the Client displays a value called ‘Finished At’ in the Completed Runs view; representing the point at which the Test Run was completed, as shown below:

The ‘Finished At’ value is merely displayed in the Manual Testing Client for the benefit of the current User; this value is not actually saved anywhere in the SilkCentral Test Manager Database. The only data that exists within the Database are the Execution Timestamp(Start time), and the Duration of the Execution; both of which can be found in the TM_ExecDefinitionRuns table. Please see the Execution Results section in the Database Model Help documentation.
The ‘Finished At’ value can be aggregated by adding the Execution Timestamp and Duration values; however this total will not exactly reflect the value shown in the Manual Testing Client. The reason being that it does not account for the time period between finishing the Test Run, and uploading the Results to SilkCentral Test Manager.
Moving forward an Enhancement Request has been logged to SCTM Development for the ‘Finished At’ value to be saved within the Database; so that it can be used in the creation of custom reports.

Incident #2559236