How do I Export SilkTest results to SilkCentral Issue Manager?



How do I Export SilkTest results to SilkCentral Issue Manager?


The following instructions illustrate how to correctly export results from SilkTest to SilkCentral Issue Manager.

  1. Open SilkTest (with SilkCentral Test Manager)
  2. Select Options | SilkCentral URLS... you should see a dialog as follows. Enter the correct SilkCentral Issue Manager URL for your machine.

  3. Open the results file in SilkTest that you wish to export
  4. Select Results | Send to Issue Manager, the following dialog will be displayed.

  5. Select the results file to export and select ok.
  6. You may be presented with a SilkCentral Issue Manager login the first time you export results, enter your correct SilkCentral Issue Manager Login data.

  7. Next the Issue Management Intelligent Assistant utility will be opened in SilkTest.

  8. Select the Intellegent Assistant option and click next.
  9. Your issue will be displayed, select the Check box beside the results you are importing to Issue Manager and click save new issue.

  10. You will now be presented with the create new issue entry options. Complete this and save your issue.

  11. Close Silktest and return to SilkCentral Issue Manager you should now be able to search for your new issue.

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