Is it possible to archive and unarchive defects in SCIM?



Is it possible to archive and unarchive defects in SCIM?


Yes, you can archive and unarchive defects. Archiving will move a defect to the archive tables and will make them read only. Archived defects will not show up in any Inboxes or be shown as the results of normal queries. The only way that you can access Archived defects is to use the "Go to defect option" or to check the "archive" checkbox in the query screen.

Note You must have the "Archive Defects" security privilege in order to archive or unarchive defects. Please refer to documentation for more details.

To archive defects you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Write a query to select the defects you"re interested in archiving.
  2. When The Query Results window opens, for example, showing closed defects, select the defects that you want to archive
  4. A progress bar is displayed while SilkRadar archives the defects. Note that SilkRadar refreshes the Query Results window, which means the selected defect(s) will be removed from the window

Defects that have been archived in your database can always be made active again by using the following:

  1. Display a Query Results window listing archived defects
  2. Select the defects you want to unarchive from the Query Results window
  3. Select DBADMIN | UNARCHIVE SELECTED DEFECTS. A progress bar indicates that SilkRadar is unarchiving the defects
  4. Close the Query Results window and all the selected archived windows will be un archived

For further details archiving refer to the SilkCentral Issue Manager Administrator"s Guide.

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