Created On:  16 May 2011


Is it possible to execute Visual Studio 2010 tests via SilkCentral Test Manager?


SilkCentral Test Manager does not provide "out of the box" support for executing Visual Studio 2010 tests. However using the SilkCentral API it is possible to create a "Third Party Test Type" plugin that makes use of "MSTest.exe" that is installed with Visual Studio 2010. The executable "MSTest.exe" provides the ability for a user to execute Visual Studio 2010 unit tests from command line and therefore we can use this executable as a basis for creating a plugin that allows the execution of Visual Studio 2010 unit tests from SilkCentral Test Manager.

An example plugin, including its source code, is attached to this article.

Note that the attached plugin is an example and therefore its use is at your own risk.

The example plugin can also be used to execute Silk4Net tests via SilkCentral Test Manager.

To install the said plugin:

1. Download
2. Stop your SilkCentral services
3. Copy to \Plugins
4. Start your SilkCentral services

To create a MSTest Test Definition:

1. Right click on a Test Container/Folder and select "New Child Test Definition"
2. Select MSTest Test as the type, as show below:

3. Specify the location of the MSTest.exe, the assembly that contains the tests and optionally any specific tests to be executed. If no tests are specified, all tests in the assembly are executed:

4. The MSTest Test Definition will appear in your test plan as follows: