Created On:  19 August 2011


A recurring issue that can occur in your SilkCentral Test Manager environment is that the SQL Server database will continue to increase the RAM usage, but never decrease. As more and more RAM is used up, you may eventually see SilkCentral Test Manager become slower or be unable to run. If you look in the AppServer.log you will see an error similar to:

Accounter;java.sql.SQLException: There is insufficient system memory in resource pool 'internal' to run this query.


This is an issue with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, and one which has a HotFix released. According to Microsoft, this problem occurs for the following reasons:

• There is a bug in the code that is used to evaluate how many rowsets are required to perform a sorting operation. Therefore, the code greatly overestimates the numbers of rowsets. The required grant estimate in full-text is 64 pages for each rowset that is required to sort.

• There is a large request that blocks the system from using the memory that is reserved for the full-text query.

You can find full information on this, along with details for the hotfix here:
Incident #2532177