Created On:  28 October 2011


When and how does SilkCentral Test Manager return a license to the SilkMeter License Server?


A SilkCentral Test Manager (SCTM) license is returned (released) when any of the following three conditions occur:

1) You log out of SCTM
2) The browser you are using is closed
3) Within the browser tab you leave the SCTM Web Application and browse to another Web Application

When you log out of SCTM, a license is checked back into SilkMeter immediately; however when you either close the Web Browser or switch to using another Web Application a license is not checked back in immediately. The reason for this behavior is that when SCTM is running within a browser, the SCTM page contains some Java Script code which sends a "keepalive" request to the Tomcat server to keep the session alive.  The first keep alive request sets the session timeout for the current session to 2 minutes (overwriting the default 30 minute timeout specified in the session-config setting in the Tomcat Server).

The "session-config" XML setting which sets the session timeout is located in the following file:

C:\Program Files\Borland\SC Test Manager\conf\frontendserver\conf\Web.xml

Therefore when a browser is closed; internally the session timeout will be set to 2 minutes by the first keepAlive request which will be sent 1 minute after you first access the SCTM page and a license will be checked in after the 2 minutes has elapsed. However if you login to SCTM and close the browser before the first keepAlive is sent, then the default session timeout specified in the web.xml does not get overwritten and instead the license will be checked back in after 30 minutes.
Incident #2543721