Created On:  10 February 2011


Is it possible to change the display name of the existing status values and add new custom statuses in SilkCentral Test Manager?


Currently, it is not possible to add new statuses in SilkCentral Test Manager, but we can change the display name for the existing execution statuses. This will only change the status in SilkCentral Test Manager GUI - the status values in the database will not change.

In order to change the display name for the existing status, you have to make changes to the "" file located in "tm.jar" of SilkCentral Test Manager "lib" directory.

In "" file from com\segue\tm, you will find the existing execution status values like below:


Here, you can change the status values like:



After making the changes, place the changes back in “tm.jar” file in lib and restart the SilkCentral services.

Now in the SilkCentral Test Manager GUI, you should see these changed values.

Please note that we do not support changes made to these files for SilkCentral Test Manager so please make sure you take a copy of the file before making changes any changes.