Created On:  28 October 2010


In SCTM 2009, when trying to copy test definitions between projects that contain an identical attribute name but containing values with a different case ( Upper/Lower ) the following error is thrown:

Error “Caused by: com.segue.scc.util.localizer.UnexpectedErrorBusinessException: A fatal internal error occurred. Please check the front-end server log files and call support…. Attribute name ‘name’ has already an option ‘valuestring’ defined.”

For example in the below scenario,

1. Copy the folder ‘Folder1’ from the source project “Project1”

NOTE: The folder has a test definition, which has an attribute named “Test” with the value “dynamic”

2. Paste the above folder in the target project named “Project2”

NOTE: “Project2” has already an attribute with the same name and value with same string but different case. (Dynamic)


3. In this case on trying to copy, we get the following error:


Hotfix13 for SCTM 2009 R1(9.0) fixes this issue by allowing to copy Test Definitions between projects having same “normal” attribute name and value but with different case.

Please contact Technical Support to get the hotfix "SCTM90_Hotfix_13" .

After, applying Hotfix 13 on your SCTM 2009 installation:

Paste the folder from source Project to the destination project (Project2)

The folder will be copied with the test definitions (with the attribute taking the value in the destination project “Dynamic”)
Incident #2472774